Label your packaging with free waste sorting information!

A label that explains waste separation and can be used by any registered distributor

Our free waste sorting label will tell your customers which waste must be disposed in which container.

The single-color basic layout may be modified for your packaging to provide your customers with additional information about proper disposal. Optionally, specified colors, text and QR codes may be added to the basic layout.

Additional QR codes link to short movies with further information and tips for consumers, click here to watch an example. If requested, these short movies may be adjusted to each manufacturer.

Our free waste sorting label may be used by any distributor registered with the German Central Agency Packaging Register [Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZSVR)]. For further information about this waste sorting label, please see our Style Guide:

Customer information

Our free waste sorting label allows you to show your responsibility for your product to consumers transparently in compliance with your registration obligations (under Section 9 of the German Packaging Act [Verpackgungsgesetz (VerpackG)]).

Assist your customers with their legal obligations: The German Packaging Act requires private end-consumers (Section 13 of the German Packaging Act) to dispose of packaging separately from other waste. However, according to a recent study*, nearly 60% of customers lack the specific knowledge for disposing of used packaging properly.

This is where our free waste sorting label on packaging comes in by easily explaining to your customers at first glance how to properly dispose of used packaging.

* Online survey by Kantar GmbH for the dual systems


Manufacturers and distributors registered with the German Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) may print our free waste sorting label onto packaging distributed in and outside of Germany.

The modular structure of our waste sorting label and the various design options enable manufacturers to motivate and provide information to consumers in and outside of Germany by adding freely selectable text elements – for example in English: “Separate waste correctly”.

QR code movies are displayed in such a way that consumers outside Germany see a different film after scanning than users in Germany. Movies may be customised to offer country-specific waste sorting information with the aim to increase the amount and quality of collected used packaging.

All design variants and options are explained in our Style Guide.

Conserving resources and protecting the environment together

Unfortunately, waste is still often sorted incorrectly: For example, on average, 30% of waste in yellow sacks and yellow containers does not belong there. This makes recycling packaging significantly more difficult and sometimes impossible.

Packaging recycling can save millions of tons of primary raw materials and several million tons of CO2 today.

These companies are already using our waste sorting label:

How it works

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Help your customers sort waste correctly and label your packaging with our free waste sorting information!